53º25.650’ N 14º34.200’ E

Fully equipped, modern and ecological yacht port in Szczecin offers all what sailors need.
We have for our guests 49 residential places and 25 places for visiting yachts.

New urban marina

The yacht port that was opened in 2015 is modern, functional, and also refers to maritime traditions of Szczecin City. Located in very center of the city on two islets: Łasztownia and Grodzka Isle, from which there is a picturesque view on Chrobry Banks. Although it is located in the city center, it remains in direct nearness to the nature, as it is surrounded by Natura 2000 area.

Informacje na temat nadchodzących wydarzeń na Łasztowni znajdziesz na stronie operatora portu jachtowego NorthEast Marina
Żegluga Szczecińska
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